April 6, 2015

Now Presenting: Love Science Music

Love Science Music

The great thing about soul music is that it doesn’t only apply to the traditional r&b sound i.e. Luther Vandross or Marvin Gaye. Soul music can be found across so many different genres. I feel like lately I’ve been presenting you with a lot of music that’s more along the lines of Electronic-Soul but I haven’t heard too many complaints and the music sounds great. Here I present to you an NYC-based producer/artist who is new to the site but sure to be a regular. He goes by the name Love Science Music. Right now he is releasing a brand new single each month featuring a different vocalist, each with a completely different feel and sound yet still sonically pleasing. Love Science Music is looking to accomplish something deeper than just another song you play on your ipod. As he puts it “The ethos of the project, and the name of the project itself aim to inspire a culmination of human coexistence (Love), the pursuit and grasping of truth, reality, and wisdom (Science), and the proactivity, creativity, and inventiveness of all people (Music).” Now it’s time for you to open your ears and your minds and give Love Science Music a listen. Below are the last few installments of his monthly series. Let us know what you think?

The Soul Listener’s Favorite: Fool Me Twice

Connect with Love Science Music and keep up with his monthly single release:

Twitter: @LoveScienceMusc

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