June 9, 2013

Soulful Clark King

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I personally believe that you can tell whether or not an artist studies the greats right when you hear their music. My belief was once again confirmed when I came across a link to Clark King’s ReverbNation page on twitter. I was blown away when I heard his music, his unique sound gives you that total soul experience. He is currently working on putting out more music for the world. I had the opportunity to have a Q&A session with him. Enjoy it and check out his music 

Soullistener Addie
: Three words to describe your music

Clark King: FUNky, powerful, and alive. Bonus word is spontaneous (bonus word)

Soullistener Addie: Inspiration?

Clark King: Music from the 60’s, I listen to a lot of gospel and jazz music. The best soul music comes from a gospel sound.

Soullistener Addie
: What genre would you classify your art if you were to explain it to someone who has not heard your music yet?

Clark King
: I would say I am a soul artist even though I don’t make the same music that other soul artists are singing.

Soullistener Addie: What is your vision for your music?

Clark King
: To stay true to the music I love and make people feel good. I hope to make the music I love and go far with it while staying with my sound. People forget music that sounds like everything else. I also want to continue to have a signature and identity to my songs. If you don’t stand out, you are not doing anything.

Soullistener Addie: What are some of the challenges you have faced as an artist who wants to stick with his sound and not get sunk into making mediocre music?

Clark King: I have come across a lot of challenges especially as an artist with my type of sound and vision. I have met a lot of people who I was eager to work with but I had to walk away when I found they did not have the right sound for me. I believe in sticking to what you want and not giving up on quality. I always follow my gut and my spirit. Usually, I can feel it when I am not with the right person or sound. I have gotten different comments from ‘change your sound’, ‘this is too old-fashioned/ too real”. The major lesson from the challenges is knowing what you want because only you can see your vision for your music. It is important not to let anyone else cloud your vision.

Soullistener Addie: Where is your favorite place to write?

Clark King: At the piano. I figure out words and sounds to the music at the same time.

Soullistener Addie: Who are some artists you would love to work with?

Clark King: I would love to work with so many artists. Hmmn… Chaka Khan is one of them. I would also love to work with French, I feel we will make great music together. Quincy Jones and Robert Glasper are on the list too.

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